Safety Evaluation for Top Electric Trikes

Safety Evaluation for Top Electric Trikes

Electric trikes are becoming more commonplace on our streets due to their versatility. If you're new to cycling, you may be wondering about the safety aspects of riding these fantastic machines. However, understanding the safety features of electric trikes needn't be confusing. So, in this article, we'll go into how electric trikes are among the safest modes of transport available.

Advantages And Characteristics Of The Third Wheel

The third wheel is the most obvious difference between a regular electric bike and a trike. The three-wheel configuration offers a host of advantages over a traditional two-wheel setup.


The three-wheeled nature of an electric trike makes it incredibly user-friendly. You'll notice this the most when mounting and dismounting, as you don't have to hold the trike upright when you lift your leg over it like on a regular bike. You may be surprised to learn that many accidents occur when people get on and off their bikes. It's easy to lose your balance and fall over, which can be disastrous for older riders.

Choosing an electric trike with a step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting even easier. These trikes are ideal for older people and those with mobility issues, as they don't have to lift their legs high to get on and off them.

The fact that you don't need to use a bike rack or prop a trike up against a wall adds another level of safety and convenience. There's no danger of the trike falling over, causing injury to the rider or others.


Electric Trikes Are Low And Wide

The two rear wheels of an electric trike make it nice and wide. Although the extra width may make fitting through narrow gaps a little more challenging, it helps in other areas.

An electric trike's wider wheelbase makes it incredibly stable. Therefore, you don't have to worry about it tipping over while you ride. This high level of stability induces confidence, making an electric trike an excellent choice for nervous or inexperienced cyclists. Also, older cyclists with balance issues benefit immensely from the safety of an electric trike.

Electric trike manufacturers do their best to give their products a low center of gravity. They do this by placing heavy components such as the motor and battery low down in the frame. You may also see the battery mounted directly under the rider on the seat post. The lower center of gravity further enhances the trike's stability.

Another advantage of an electric trike's extra width is its added load-carrying capacity. The space at the rear means the manufacturer can fit the trike with a large basket, enhancing its usefulness. Larger baskets allow for more even weight distribution over the back wheels, reducing the likelihood of the trike rolling over.


Other Features That Contribute To Electric Trike Safety

 Aside from the three-wheeled design of an electric trike, manufacturers include additional features to improve safety. Let's take a look at the most important ones:


Adding an extra wheel comes with some challenges for engineers to overcome. For example, turning an electric trike can strain the drivetrain and compromise the handling. This is where the rear differential comes in. This device allows the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds when turning. It makes the inside wheel turn slower than the outside wheel, improving the trike's handling and reducing strain on the drivetrain and wear on the rear tires.

Turn Signals

Turn signals are rare on bicycles, but most good electric trikes are fitted with them. These work in the same way as turn signals on a car. They increase visibility and communication with other road users. Simply flick the switch to signal drivers and pedestrians of your intended direction, reducing your chance of getting into an accident.

Bright LED Lights

It's vital to let other road users be aware of your presence, especially in low-light conditions. One of the best ways to do this on an electric trike is with front and rear lights. Most electric trikes come with bright LED lights that illuminate the road ahead while making you visible to others from behind. They also often have reflectors on the wheels to increase visibility from the side.

You may want to improve your safety further by fitting an additional light into your helmet. Doing so means there's always a beam of light illuminating your field of vision, making it easier to spot hazards in the dark.


Braking System and Emergency Linkage Mechanism

The extra weight of an electric trike means that it needs to have quality brakes to bring you to a stop quickly and safely. Typically, you'll find electric trikes to have one of two types of brakes fitted:

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are the most powerful and are usually found on higher-end electric trikes. This type of braking system is well known for its reliability and stopping power. In addition, they work well in any weather conditions so that you can be sure of excellent braking performance, rain or shine.

Hydraulic disc brakes also provide good feel through the brake levers. This means they are easier to modulate, giving you precise control when you need it.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes are also common on electric trikes. This braking system isn't as powerful or precise as hydraulic brakes, but it is often more than enough for most electric trike riders. The advantages of buying an electric trike with mechanical brakes are that they are less expensive and easier to maintain.

Emergency Linkage Mechanism

Some electric trikes come with an emergency linkage mechanism. This system applies the brakes on both wheels simultaneously, enhancing overall safety by allowing you to stop quickly in emergency situations.



Final Thoughts On Understanding the Safety Features of Electric Trikes

 Staying safe on your electric trike should be at the top of your list, closely followed by having fun. Modern electric trikes are stable and have various other features and components to enhance your safety when riding.

 When you buy your next electric trike, check what brakes it has fitted and whether it features other things, such as a step-through frame, turn signals, and LED lights. By understanding the safety features of electric trikes, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing.

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