Pre-assembled 65%
30~45 MI
Range 30~45 MI
Top Speed 16MPH
400 LBS
Load Capacity 400 LBS
Peak 750W
Motor Peak 750W
Battery 48V*14.5Ah

TK1 Fat Tire Electric Trike

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A Better eTrike!! Mooncool TK1 Fat 20" | Cheaper Than Lectric XP Trike

A Better eTrike!! Mooncool TK1 Fat 20

E-Bike Reviews

MoonCool TK1 Fat Tire Trike Let's Check It Out

MoonCool TK1 Fat Tire Trike Let's Check It Out


Mooncool TK1 FAT 20 Tricycle Ebike Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide

Mooncool TK1 FAT 20 Tricycle Ebike Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide

Mike Rochester

Mooncool TK1 3 Wheel trike Electric Bike. 48V 15ah 500W (750 peak) Ebike E-Bike FULL TEST

Mooncool TK1 3 Wheel trike Electric Bike. 48V 15ah 500W (750 peak) Ebike E-Bike FULL TEST


Mooncool TK1 Fat Tire E-Trike Best

Mooncool TK1 Fat Tire E-Trike Best

Jerry T on E-bikes


Our approach to accessibility goes beyond physical design


And inclusivity, making sure every rider feels confident and empowered


It encompasses affordability, ensuring our E-Trikes are within reach

Front Drive Motor

Rated at 500W, the motor can surge up to a peak power of 750W, ensuring quick and smooth rides. Its high torque of 85Nm guarantees easy hill-climbing.

Battery Power

With a 48V*15Ah lithium battery, it allows for extended rides with a range of 30-45 miles. Requiring a charging time of 6-8 hours, the battery ensures reliable, sustained power.

20" x 4.0 Fat Tires

Sporting 20" x 4.0 fat tires, the etrike promises safety, stability, and versatility across almost all terrains.

Smoother, Safer

Suitable for almost all terrains

Vacuum Foam Seat

It includes a large, vacuum-foamed seat with a backrest, ensuring ride comfort and support, enhancing the overall ride quality.

Shimano 7 Speed

Equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, the etrike ensures flexible and smooth speed control.

Large Front & Rear Baskets

With spacious front & rear baskets, it provides ample room for personal items or larger cargo, adding a level of convenience and practicality to your rides.

Your reliable travel buddy

TK1 Fat20 vs MC 350


500W Front Drive Motor

350W Front Drive Motor





30~45 Miles

15~30 Miles

Top Speed

16 mph

16 mph


6061 Aluminum+Hiten Steel

Hi-ten steel frame

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
CL LeTullier
The trike …

I like my trike but there are three things that need improvement, there is no parking brake and the seat is attached with plastic and is wobbly so I am going to have to replace with a better item. Also very importantly is there is no operating manual but instead yhey sent a fance sell catalog, I would much rather have an operation manual as I still do not know how some of the things work on my trike like the head lights, I have yet to find the on/off switch for the headlights.

Deborah Sherrange (Virginia Beach, US)
Great bike

This bike is exactly what I wanted. I get compliments all the time and love the way it handles.

Tammy Nolan (Minneapolis, US)
Great Trike!

I really love this trike. It has great power and range. It is very beefy and the fat tires have great traction even in the sand. The color is beautiful and I have so many people asking about the trike. It definitely grabs attention. Fits in the 5.5" bed of my truck nicely. Overall great purchase! I only have 2 minor suggestions: add a parking brake and find a better way to assemble the rear basket. (I replaced the metal tabs with zip ties.)

James Williams (Saint Clair Shores, US)
TK1 a fun bike

The TK1 went together without any problems or major adjustments. Only item that I cannot figure on how to install is the reflectors for the wheels. No instructions or guide as they have moveable wings used to attach with and not like regular bike wheel reflectors.

Robert J Altman Jr (Florissant, US)
TK1 Fat Tire Electric Trike

Beautiful color!
It took me about 11 hours to assemble. (arthritis slowed me down). Between the instructions
and the YouTube videos I found it pretty easy.

David fielding (Potomac, US)
A different ride for sure, but a very solid trike

First, I love all the color choices. With the cyan, I was able to match colors to the house decor. The ride is different for sure and will feel a bit odd at first making turns, but you get used to the difference in weight shift vs. a 2-wheel bike. I didn't prefer the backrest seat as it forces you into a forward position and felt unnatural even with the backrest in the furthest back position. Many people like it, so... I wish you could remove the back part, but apparently not. I imagine there are a lot of older folks who like the idea of an e-bike, but truthfully, the 2-wheel e-bikes are a bit tricky and potentially dangerous for folks who haven't ridden a bike in a while. As a mobility/utility vehicle, the e-trike is a great solution, allowing folks of all ages and physical conditions to get outdoors, see the sights, run errands, shopping, etc. The rear basket is really large, which is a major positive feature. Big enough for a ride-a-long pet. Obviously, don't use the included rack clips, as well-placed black zip ties will provide a nice solid assembly with no road noise. The front basket is a bonus, but some may prefer to remove it on occasion as it restricts your view of the front tire. Younger folks might initially feel a bit embarrassed to be riding a 'tricycle', but utility bikes of all configurations are very popular these days and allow a lot more variety of uses. The fat 4" tires are great for gravel and, in my case, the potholes, cobblestones and very poorly paved New Orleans streets (the main reason I chose the Fat over the Folding). Fat tire bikes are also great in snow for those in Northern locales.