Pre-assembled 50%
350 LBS
Load Capacity 350 LBS
7 Speed
Speed 7 Speed

MC City Adult Trike

Makes riding more easier, especially for women and seniors.

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Color: Buccaneer Blue
Size: 24”
Style: Trike
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Our approach to accessibility goes beyond physical design


And inclusivity, making sure every rider feels confident and empowered


It encompasses affordability, ensuring our E-Trikes are within reach

Seat & Basket

The classic trikes come equipped with a big basket making them a great choice for picnics or shopping and storing groceries with a capacity of 50lbs and a wider seat with adjustable handlebars that allow for a more upright riding position.

Rear Axle Gear

Compared to traditional bicycles, Mooncool trikes with a low step-through steel frame are an excellent option for people who want to stay active without putting too much strain on their joints or muscles. 7-speed adjustable gears make handling terrain changes on uphills, downhills, and flat roads easier.

Double Wall Rims

Double-walled rims are significantly stronger and better than single-wall rims, making them ideal for use in different terrain conditions and they're more durable in comparison.

Parking Brake

A parking brake is a safety device that prevents a trike from rolling. It is equivalent to a "kickstand" and increases the safety of the trike.


Seat Height:                      34.6"~39.4"

Handlebar Distance:      25"

Reach:                                21.6"

Handlebar Height:          39"~51"

Frame Height:                  16.9"

Rear Wheels Width:        28.3"

Wheelbase:                       45.3"

Bottom Brocket Height:  66"

Payload Capacity:           350lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
LampRx (Leland, US)
Will let you know when completed

Your estimate of 95% assembled must mean that we don't have to weld the frame ourselves. Hope to finish it today.

Brenda Ainsley (Converse, US)

Bike is great. The only thing is the seat is harder than I thought to get used to.

Chuck Snyder (Dearborn Heights, US)
Overall good bike....

Hope this review helps you....first the negatives. Bike came in wrong color. I picked darker purple, came in lighter shade. Wife liked it anyway. The bike was a purchase for her.

The derailed and brake adjustment are harder than expected. Directions could have been better. Can I suggest a video by your company instead of the photos included in shipment. It would have made understanding it easier.

The clips that hold the basket together are not easy to use, or as efficient as simple zip ties. I suggest you assemble one yourself to compare.

All that being said....it is a solidly constructed bike that was relatively easy to assemble, and comfortable to ride. Right price as well. Although I hope not to, I would buy one again.