Press Release: TK1 Folding – A Folding Electric Trike Designed with Seniors in Mind

Press Release: TK1 Folding – A Folding Electric Trike Designed with Seniors in Mind

Mooncool is proud to introduce the TK1 Folding, our newest electric trike, specially tailored for seniors. The TK1 Folding is a testament to our commitment to innovative design, prioritizing ease of use, comfort, and safety. This trike is the epitome of reliable and enjoyable transportation for seniors seeking independence and mobility.

Key Features of the TK1 Folding:

  • Convenient Folding Design: The TK1 Folding boasts an easy-to-use folding mechanism, perfect for seniors who value compactness for storage or transport.
  • Extended Battery Range: Equipped with a robust 48V500W helical motor (peaking at 750W) and a Hailong Plus Lithium 48V14.5Ah battery, offering a range of 30-45 miles per charge.
  • Enhanced Stability and Safety: With 20*3.0 tires, the trike offers increased stability and a balanced, secure riding experience, minimizing the risk of tipping.
  • Optimized for Comfort: Features a large vacuum foaming seat, ergonomically designed alloy handlebars, and a suspension fork with a coil spring structure for a smooth ride.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly with automatic 2-speed gear shifting and an intuitive multifunction G51 LCD screen.
  • Stylish and Personalizable: Available in five vibrant colors, combining practicality with style to meet the aesthetic preferences of active seniors.

The TK1 Folding is more than a trike; it's a symbol of freedom, independence, and joy. Available for purchase on Mooncool's website starting this November, the TK1 Folding is your ideal companion for short-distance travel, combining the best of technology and comfort.

Specifications Sheet:




TK1 Folding Electric Trike


48V*500W Helical Motor (Peak Power 750W)

Battery Capacity

Hailong Plus Lithium 48V*14.5Ah


30-45 miles per charge




Large Vacuum Foaming Seat


Alloy, Ergonomically Designed

Suspension Fork

Coil Spring Structure

Gear Shifting

Automatic 2-speed


Multifunction G51 LCD Screen

Colors Available

Five Vibrant Options

Folding Mechanism

Easy-to-Use, Compact Storage

For more information, visit or contact our press office at

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