Traveling With Your Electric Trike: Tips for Transport, Storage, and Vacation Planning

Traveling With Your Electric Trike: Tips for Transport, Storage, and Vacation Planning


Have you ever tried traveling with an electric trike? It sounds appealing, for it offers a versatile, eco-friendly way to navigate cities and sights. Yet transporting, storing, and planning rides with your tricycle presents unique challenges. While with some strategies and forethought, your trike can allow you to explore destinations independently and spontaneously, opening up new experiences.

Some simple tips on securing, charging, and mapping out rides can transform a hassle into a highlight, unlocking freedom and enjoyment that only an E-trike tour can provide.

Loading Up Safely: Transport Methods for the Road

Taking your e-trike on a long journey requires prep work and planning in advance. You'll want the right gear to load it safely, secure it properly during the ride, and carry it to your destination. Your options are:

  • Hitch carrier/rack: You can obtain an upright rack or hitch carrier designed specifically for transporting e-trikes. And then, select one that is robustly built and sized for the weight of your trike. Secure it with straps that attach to mounting points on the trike frame.
  • Trailer hitch: A tow hitch mounted to your vehicle can tow an open trailer for hauling electric tricycles. You'll need a ball mount, safety chains, and a trailer rated for the trike's weight. Pad the trailer deck to protect components.
  • Truck or large SUV: Foldable electric trikes can be loaded into the bed or cargo area of a large vehicle. It would help to lay down blankets, mats, or padding to cushion the trike and protect the components. Secure using ratchet straps to tie-down points in the vehicle.
  • Roof rack: Some electric tricycles can be disassembled and strapped down to roof racks designed for bikes. The best thing to do is to use hard straps (not bungee cords) and pad contact points to avoid scratching or damaging the trike. Please remember to check the weight limits for the roof rack.

The key is to ensure your transport method is secure, padded, and weight-rated properly to withstand vibrations and impacts from the road without damaging your valuable electric trike. Test fits, and dry runs before your actual trip can uncover potential issues to address in advance. Appropriate transport secures years of exhilarating rides on your trike for years to come.

Storing and Maintaining the E-trike

Once you've conveyed your electric trike to your destination, careful storage is pivotal to prevent damage and prolong existence. The following guidance may aid:

  1. Fully charge the battery before storage. Over-discharging lithium batteries while in storage can harm cells inside, so fully charge it and disconnect the battery from the trike.
  2. Before storage, you must inflate the tricycle tires to the proper pressure. Afterward, it is wisest to check tire pressure routinely to ensure they stay at the recommended level. This would help preserve the tires' condition and longevity, reduce potential issues like flats, and ensure optimal performance.
  3. To avoid corrosion to the e-trike over time, you are supposed to thoroughly clean the trike, especially the frame. If you want to offer a protective barrier for your electric trike, adding a coat of wax to the frame and other metal pieces would be great.
  4. You ought to store the trike in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If possible, store in an indoor garage versus leaving outside exposed to the elements. This will help minimize oxidation, UV damage, dirt buildup, and weathering - all of which can degrade components and shorten the lifespan of the trike over time.
  5. Cover the trike with a breathable cover for electric bicycles or motorcycles. This will help keep dust off while still allowing any moisture to escape. Besides, you should avoid using plastic that can trap moisture.
  6. Periodically inspect the trike during storage, especially if it will be for an extended period. Check for any issues like cracked cables or corrosion forming on metal parts. Take steps to resolve these issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Following these storage tips will help keep your e-trike in good condition while you enjoy your travels, allowing you to set out again on your electric trike when you return home.

Checklists for Carefree Adventures

Before hitting the road with an electric trike, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Some factors and conditions will coincide to determine whether your e-trike travel will be safe, convenient, and genuinely enjoyable. You'll want to take the following into account:

Safety for Vulnerable Riders

If children or elderly riders will use the trike, you need to take extra precautions. For this, you'd better research age restrictions, consider a more rugged model, and avoid hazardous conditions.

Airline Policies

If you plan to check the electric tricycle by plane, be aware that many airlines consider electric trikes as scooters or mobility devices, so policies vary. It would be wise for you to check your airline's restrictions on batteries and folding frames. You can also consider shipping the trike separately to avoid hassles.

Regulations at Your Destination

Some areas restrict electric vehicles on certain paths or altogether. To avoid fines or other problems, the smart thing to do would be to research local laws, like Pennsylvania, beforehand and bring documents proving the trike's legality.

Road and Terrain Conditions

Paved bike paths and roads provide an easy ride, but unpaved or steep routes can strain your trike. Apart from that, you'll have to consider the grades, surfaces, and distances you'll tackle.


About the insurance, you could check if your travel or homeowners' insurance covers the trike during your trip and consider additional coverage for theft or damage while traveling.

With the right research, documents, supplies, and contingency plans in place, you'll be able to start your travel confident that your travels will go smoothly and be memorable.

Mapping Out Memorable Miles

After you reach your dream travel destination, excitement builds as you're ready to start your adventure. A wave of relief washes over you, the product of all your careful planning. Clearly, strategic planning allows your electric trikes to become the centerpiece of enjoyable sightseeing tours, neighborhood meetups, leisurely road trips, barbecues cookouts, and rewarding adventures.

Traveling With Electric Trike

Plan Activities

Map out potential activities:

  • Sightseeing tours of cities and towns along your route
  • Road trips through scenic countryside and national parks
  • Beach rides along flat boardwalks and promenades
  • Photo stops at overlooks and landmarks
  • Picnics at parks accessible by trike

Map Out Rides in Advance

Use online maps to plot potential rides and interesting routes and aim for a mix of paved paths, bike lanes, and low-traffic roads.

Charge the Battery for the Day

Before departing, give your trike a full charge to keep you rolling throughout the day, and you can also consider packing a portable charger.

Gather Essentials

Bring a fully stocked repair kit, extra inner tube, lock, helmet, water bottles, and sun protection. Trike-specific items like seat pads and extras battery also help.

Check the Weather

Rain or extreme heat can shorten your riding time, so you can check the forecast and reschedule rides if needed.

Set A Schedule

Plan a flexible itinerary with check-in times for activities and rides. Adjust as needed depending on how the days unfold.

With a bit of forethought invested in planning potential activities, routes, supplies, and schedules, your electric tricycle can truly take center stage during your vacation - delivering freedom, joyful experiences, and ease of mobility.

Preparation Paves the Way for Perfect Play

Planning months in advance allows you to envision every aspect of your journey and equip yourself to overcome challenges before setting out. With careful thought and research, you'll uncover any bumps in the road before embarking, packing every essential item to ensure smooth sailing from start to finish.

Come departure day, and then you'll hit the open road without hesitation, reaping all the rewards that an electric trike vacation properly planned can provide - open horizons, new adventures, and freedom from worry.

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