Essential Accessories for Customizing Your Electric Trike

Essential Accessories for Customizing Your Electric Trike

One of the great things about owning an electric trike is that you can customize it to better suit your needs and enhance your riding experience. You can buy practical add-ons or personalized items to make your electric trike more functional and enjoyable. In this article, we will discuss customizing your electric trike with accessories.

Think About Your Needs First

Before you start splashing out on all the available accessories, it's best to carefully consider what will be good for you. Some accessories may not benefit you at all and can cause unwanted clutter and extra weight on your trike. You may want to live with your electric trike for a few weeks before you buy extra accessories so you can get a good idea of what is missing that will enhance its ownership.

Examples Of Personalised Accessories

Front and Rear Storage Baskets/Waterproof Liners

Some electric trikes already have baskets fitted. But if yours doesn't, you may want to consider buying some, as they increase your trike's usability for shopping, outdoor gear, and personal items. Being able to load your electric trike up with cargo means you can leave your car at home in most cases.

Often, front-mounted baskets are reserved for lighter items such as groceries and personal items. But rear-mounted baskets are normally more robust and larger, making them better for bulkier items.

It's a good idea to look for baskets with waterproof liners. These help to protect your belongings from rain and splashes. You should also ensure the baskets are durable, as sturdier materials are more robust and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Practical Accessories

You can make your electric trike more practical by customizing your electric trike with accessories. For example, by fitting phone holders and hooks, you can make a big difference in convenience. A well-placed phone holder means you can navigate with an app without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag as you ride. It is also useful for taking hands-free calls.

Hooks are often overlooked as electric trike accessories. However, they are an excellent place to hang bags, helmets, or other items around your bike while freeing up basket space for larger items.

Bells And Horns

A bell is a great way to alert pedestrians to your presence. It is a polite way of making them move out of your way. But if you live in a bustling city with lots of noise and traffic, you may benefit more from fitting your electric trike with a horn. Horns are much louder and do a better job of letting people know you are there.


Most electric trikes come with lights mounted to the front and back. But if you ride at night often, you may prefer upgraded or brighter lights. Bright lights are essential for staying safe in low-light conditions, but you don't have to spend lots of money on them if you don't want to. You can buy reasonably priced bright LED lights from good bike shops and online. We recommend choosing lights with flashing modes, as they make you stand out more to other road users, even at long distances.

Upgraded Saddles

After a few weeks of riding your electric trike, you may find the saddle uncomfortable. This is because it may not fit you correctly, so you can replace it with a better one. Some bike saddle manufacturers provide ergonomically designed saddles to suit specific rider measurements. These saddles will make riding long distances much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Another type of saddle you could buy is one with built-in suspension. These spring-loaded saddles reduce vibrations through the frame, creating a nicer ride quality.

Handlebar Grips

You may notice after riding for a long time that your hands ache. This may be because your handlebar grips are not suitable for you. Handlebar grips are easy to replace as long as your electric trike doesn't have a grip shift gear change or a twist throttle. All good bike shops have a good selection of handlebar grips. You can even customize the look of your electric trike by choosing from various colors and patterns.


Like handlebar grips, pedals are quite a personal items. They are essential contact points with your electric trike and provide lots of feedback from the road below you. Some people get on fine with the factory-fitted pedals. However, others prefer larger pedals with a broader platform from which to push. In addition to this, some pedals provide more grip on your shoes than others. So, if your feet slip off your pedals all the time, go for a set with more pins or spikes.

Pet Cabins/Trailers

It's nice to take your four-legged friends along with you on adventures. Sometimes, it's necessary, and you may not be able to do this if your trike is not equipped. A great example of an accessory suitable for pets is a cabin or trailer. These are designed to be towed behind your electric trike on wheels so your furry friend can enjoy the ride with you.

Pet trainers have a variety of safety features, including harnesses, attachments, and ventilation. Some even have padded interiors and suspension to create a comfortable ride for your pet. In addition, quality trailers are made from weatherproof materials and have extra covers to keep your pets dry and comfortable on soggy days.

Before you buy one of these trailers, make sure it's compatible with your trike and that you can effortlessly attach it. You may also want to look for folding models to make storage easier at home.

Final Thoughts On Customizing Your Electric Trike With Accessories.

The right accessories can make a massive difference to your electric trike. Think about what you want from your electric trike and see what accessories are available. With careful consideration, you can select the perfect accessories to improve their versatility and functionality. You can also have lots of fun by choosing accessories to transform how your electric trike looks; the sky is the limit.

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