Pre-assembled 85%
45 MI
Range 45 MI
20 MPH
Top Speed 20 MPH
350 LBS
Load Capacity 350 LBS
Motor 500W*2
Battery 48V*14.5AH


All Terrain Electric Dual Drive Off-Road Mountain Bike.

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Frame: Step-Thru
Color: White
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Powerful Hub Motor

Equipped with a 500W front motor and a 500W rear motor can reach a powerful peak of 1300w and 150 NM torque providing strong drive power which makes your journey effortless.

Dual Batteries

48V*14.5Ah Removable Lithium Battery. The battery ensures long service life and excellent performance, offering a maximum range of 45 miles. MC3 also supports dual batteries, giving it a range of up to 80 miles.

26*4.0 Fat Tires

The 26*4.0 fat tires easily cope with various terrains such as mountains, beaches, snow, and urban roads, let you feel better and faster when riding.

Best Mountain Bike for the Outdoors

Step Over / Step Thru

Step Over

Step Thru



The best fat tires dual drive off-road e-bike for all terrains


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daryl Lantz (San Diego, US)
Great offroad e-bike !

I loved this oof-road e-bike as soon as I saw it on RVERTV.TV being tested. I am very pleased with its performance. It gets a lot of looks! My only issue is the electrical connectors are strange to me and the light connector was difficult to connect.

Marty Davies (Los Angeles, US)
Cool bike

The bike has great power. It has a comfortable ride. And assembly wasn’t hard at all. I just thought it would go a little faster. I thought I would cruise at least 25 to 29 miles an hour but the best I get out of it is like 19.6 miles an hour, I thought about changing the front sprocket to a bigger one but the way the frame is made I can’t do that. I have to keep what it has. It’s a great commuter bike that I ride to work.

mark naylor (Seattle, US)
lo ve the bike, but.

First time out beat the heck out of me. Bent some spokes and the front rim. I had the tire pressure set to 30 lbs as the tiers say. NO INFORMATION ON TIRE PREASURE IN THE MANUAL. After reading other manufactures manuals I found out that I should run the front at 18-22lbs and the back at 16-20 lbs. Since then it has been a fantastic and smooth ride. lots of fun. I fixed the spokes and straightened the rim.
I would suggest putting that info in your manual. Thanks

Brian (Utica, US)
Great bike

Very well built
Super powerful

Tom (Lakeland, US)
Overall AWESOME bike

I use this bike for hunting, and I’m in Florida. It’s wet, muddy, sandy, and just plain terrible. This bike is awesome so far. The extra battery I haven’t used do to the weather, and other conditions. I’m not by the ocean but the “extra battery is a throw off. I thought it was just an extra battery, and it is but from what I see is terrible for my use. I wish I had a battery that is interchangeable to the normal one. The dual hubs are great and everything else is awesome so far. This bike is a BEAST! It is heavy compared to others but it’s a tiny tank. I just have to say so far the battery situation is not great, when you think you get a normal battery not a “exposed” battery.

Sohrab Haze (Sacramento, US)
Incredible build quality; AMAZING RIDE!

First I want to express that I was not paid to write this review. I wrote this review to help anyone that is in the market for and electric bike or debating whether to purchase one. I purchased a Mooncool MC3 MTB AWD. This is the third electric bike I have purchased (I purchased a few jetson and I cant remember the other brand in the past). The Mooncool is in a different league than your big box department store electric bike. The Mooncool literally blows away anything else I have ever seen or ridden.

1. Shipping and Unboxing

The bike shipped quickly with a trusted courier (Fedex). It was a big box and was packed securely with a lot of care. Every part, wheel, etc was padded. The fork had a spacer to protect it as well as the back tire. The box was heavy but two people can easily move it.

2. Installation

I was impressed with the installation instructions which came detailed with pictures and text literally step by step. Many of you wont even need instructions since the assembly is soooo simple. It took literally 20 minutes start to finish. I was also very impressed with the tool bag and tools that came with this bike. The tools that came with the bike were all high quality tools and not cheap Chinese throwaways, they looked better than the tools I have at home! The process was very simple: attach the handle bar(4 bolts), put on the front wheel (2 bolts), and connect all the plugs…that’s it!

3. Ride and Performance

This is the meat of every electric bike review, the actual performance. I was literally BLOWN away by the quality of the ride and components!! This is a very high end bike and not your average flimsy electric bike. Everything is built to specifications, the battery is integrated into the bike and comes with keys for security and easy removal to swap out. The brakes are disk on both wheels and the bike stops on a dime. I had a chance to ride up some very steep hills and the pedal assist on its lowest level provides an enormous amount of power. The Battery life is excellent so far and the front light is a nice touch especially given that it can be controlled by the main controller screen. I have not had a chance to mess with the shock settings but this thing feels like butter when you ride it. Another awesome feature is the all wheel drive which is critical for off road mountain biking. I will add to this review as I ride the bike more but if you are on the fence about this bike, BUY IT, you will not regret it.

As I mentioned, I have owned electric bikes before, this bike is built on a whole other level. It surpasses anything I have owned or seen. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with the build quality and components. This is the real deal.